Your Final Journey

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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by ProjectMischa » Wed Aug 01, 2012 6:38 pm

I have three games on WolfQuest and I only finished one so far.

My journey wasn't too bad, but it wasn't my first. My first was a long time ago and I just got the game again after the computer it was previously on was scrapped. Anyway I had kept all four of my pups (all were a brownish grey) alive during the den stages. I was a little bit scared to go onto the journey but I went ahead and started it. After a little bit of clueless wandering around the territory I finally just picked my favorite pup up and walked. I didn't face forward, I faced backwards so I could keep an eye on my other three pups. Needless to say, I used the map a lot. After a bit I found a strategy, I hold onto one pup and keep extra food on me so that the three other slightly hungry puppies follow me. I'd take short stops to let my mate pick up the puppies and bring them to me. I learned that you need to just stay put and not move your puppies yourself because your mate will always just bring them right to you.

The eagle was following me everywhere so I was paranoid the entire time, especially when I had to get more food. Sometimes when I was waiting for my pups to catch up I noticed that some of them were just walking around in circles! It was funny for a little bit but they did it all the time! The river crossing wasn't too bad, you just find the shallow ends, take one puppy to the other side, and wait for your mate to bring the others to you. It was a slow backwards walking process but I actually made it to the rendezvous spot with all four of my puppies still alive, which was a first for me.

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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by alexterri2 » Tue Oct 09, 2012 5:48 pm

i had one with kallik but i cant remember it sorry guys

here mine with lusa

lusa black female wolf

yogi also black

pups grean fotr alive red for dead

aisha eagle killed her
thanks to stupid 2.5 they were all brown but i desided that i can pretend that there all black colerd

anyway like the SECIOND we started here comes mister woundeful eagle :roll: he kept on following us THEN it killed aisha porr little thing THEN spawns cyote but i kill it
well here comes mister extra agresive gaurdian wolf and he chased us ALL out otno the bank i find a shallow spot and i am bringing the pups other then yogi just HAS to GRAB miki (my favrete pup)and drop her into the water (first time thats eaver happened to me so hes now the most stupid mate i have ever had
i saved her just in the nick of time THEN here comes a bear it was crazy so i was able to eat the carcuss with out gettign killed LOL
then i once again get chased away and once again have to face the bear anyway we get to the site and then yogi goes of to eat he comes back then we all start howling......

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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by _Denali_ » Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:24 pm

My pack's final journey went pretty smoothly, because I picked the den that was closest to the goal-forest, and past the river to eliminate that obstacle. The predators and lack of food posed a problem, but I was able to get all four pups, my wolf's mate, and my wolf to the goal ta full health! =)

But there was no completion-of-episode music, and no congrats-message or anything. =(

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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by koolkatkoolkat123 » Fri Nov 02, 2012 6:30 am

Yes finally managed to keep more then one pup alive.
Snowdrop (Mother)
Nightrun (Father)
Arctic (Survived, white pup)
Silver (Survived)
Shadow (Survived)
Rain (Died)

Oh where do i begin, the final journey is so stressful and i can never figure out where to cross without drowning my puppies. I hate those eagles hate them hate them hate them the minute i had the final journey quest i got an eagle trying to pick off my white pup. My mate was quite helpful though he tends to run off to hunt just as a coyote appears, because i kept getting turned around because of the other pups, the coyote killed Rain. My final journey was a little odd though because i couldn't find many carcasses so my pups starved for a long time. I managed to get Arctic to the star and went back for the others but my mate decided he wanted to bring her back with us so it ended up me taking the pups there and he would bring them back

Second Journey
YES oh yes oh finally managed to get to the summer den with all four puppies
Arctic (Mother and as you can see up there my white pup from the last game)
Timber (Father)
Icefire (White pup)

Oh thank you wolfquest for giving me a smart mate this time, he actually helped. He fed my puppies and picked them up and brought them to me, he even helped chase off the eagles and coyotes though he left me to fight the bears. However there was a weird river glitch, i was so worried Timber had decided to cross the river with one of my puppies but he actually left her there and she didn't drown she was just standing in the river waiting for me to pick her up. And somehow Timber picked up two puppies at once because one minute i was alone with Icefire the next i have two more pups right next to me and they were quite far away. Still i'm not complaining for once the glitches helped

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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by Flamesky » Fri Jan 25, 2013 9:15 pm

Most recent game I finished

Chester - brown/white male
Lydda - brown/white female

Pups: Phoenix, Falon, Lupine, Dust

I had the Saddle Meadows den for this game, so the pups only had to go across the creek one time. The eagle showed up about three times and always seemed to be targeting Lupine, what did she ever do to him. A coyote and bear also showed up during the journey. My wolf Chester has high stamina and speed, which helped in the final journey. Lydda brought a pup across the creek, fed the pups during the journey, and didn't get in the way when I was driving off the eagle. Chester is a lucky wolf to have such a helpful mate, right? I made it to the rendevous site with all four pups surviving!
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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by alexterri2 » Sat Jan 26, 2013 1:02 am

Here is mine

Btw I am making up the colers for my pups and eye colar for all
Green for alive \Red for dead.

Mother Firefur- Preatty white colered she wolf with Green eyes
Farther Greywind-Black stud with one Red and one Blue eye.

Silverpup-Pretty silvar she pup with Green eyes.
Cloudpup-Snow white she pup with Silver eyes. She drowned
Tigarpup Redish black stud with Black eyes. Was carried of bye a eagle
Lionpup Tan stud with Black eyes. Also drowned.

So it starts and the eagle shows up. We just continu on and Greywind acts like a pain in the tail. The eagle killed Tigerpup while mister stupid head Greywind is out hunting. I feed the puppies and we get the the sand bar . I am going back for Silver pup and Greywind grabsLionpup and drops him where Silverpup was. And two seconds after that Lion pup and Cloudpup drown when I find them in the water and can not get them out in time. So I just say "Screw it" and I grab Silverpup and cross the sandbar and run the rest of the way with her in my mouth.

Greywind was a total pain in the butt and did not help at all.He honestly made me wish to star pack that we could bite are mates. Or mabye kill them :twisted:

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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by Windstrider » Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:55 pm

My first journey was an epic fail, but my most recent one (which was still awhile ago xD ) was great. I think I had all four pups, too!
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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by ravenshadow31 » Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:26 pm


Mist (Mother-Me)
Shade (Father)
Iron (Dead)
Pepper (died from lack of food)

Now this journey wasn't as bad as the one before. But Winter kept straying away from us so I had to keep following her. Shade wouldn't feed the pups/hunt. As I was trying to go get pepper to cross the river my mate pushed my nito the deep end and trapped me there so pepper died. And Shade let me take dusk and witner across fine. So those were the pups continuing the generation.
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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by Neala » Sat Apr 06, 2013 4:33 am

Family (Bison)

Naela ♀ (Me)
Ciage ♂ (My handsome mate)

Alaia ♀ (The strongest one)
Nami ♀ (The one that always wandered around)
Ciel ♂ (The weekest one, I carried him)
Yuma ♂ (Always followed me bravely)

So, let's start. I have to say that Ciage was awesome. He helped me to carry the pups, defending enemies and went out hunting after they were chased/ killed. And when we came to the river, he didn't even try to carry one of them. I hadn't trouble until we came to the creek. A coyote appeared after I hit an eagle, and Nami was somewhere... Where? I didn't know. I ran after the coyote and, with Ciages help, killed him. Then HE ran back and brought Nami, and I began to carry them across the river. My mate fed the pups that were on the other side, and we managed it together. But I was worried because I hadn't had food for a long time and Ciel was very hungry, too. So we headed for a carcass, where anoter coyote waited. Ciage stayed this time and I chased it into the river, where I killed it. Huh, done. I ran back to my pups and found a shallow where we could cross safely. Ciage helped me and carried two of them, while I took the other ones. I thought everything would be alright, but then I spotted Yuma. In. the. river. He must have been wandered there and I sprinted along the river, grabbed him and carried him back to the others. The rest of the journey was fairly easy. Ciage helped me chasing the eagle of when it came back and we hadn't trouble with bears. We reached the summer den (Ciel still very, very hungry), and waited until Ciage came back from hunting.
Then we howled.

I couldn't have managed it without my handsome mate :mrgreen:

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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by Jeames » Sat Apr 06, 2013 9:22 am

My wolf: Jeames
My mate: Kaila
Pups: Lola ♀ Ocean ♀ Dark ♂ Crea ♂

So let's say my mate was terrible. At first I though she was alright, bringing the pups food and going to hunt whenever I stay near the pups. However, when I wanted to leave to find food, she got stuck in the dén's three OR she got stuck somewhere in the hunting grounds. It got so bad Ocean died out of hunger...
And when I went to the Cattle Ranch to get some other kind of meat to eat for the pups, my mate went after me while carrying one of the pups. I came back from hunting and she stood there with the pup dangling in her mouth, she was frozen again. o.e
Then when we went on our journey to the summer den, my pup Lola got a bit behind and she got taken by a coyote. After that Dark died because my mate just stood there staring at nothingness and I was trying to chase off the eagle who was after the poor pup; no succes.
I carried Crea all the way to the summer den, he was the only one who survived.

Darn I hate my mate for this. XD
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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by NoLimits » Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:59 pm

Oh so much fun to re-live this! Thank you for making the thread!

Well, It was me, my mate, and our four pups.
We lived in Aspen, immediately after everyone was full- we began.
I had one pup that would never follow me. He would go straight to the water and every other danger.

I walked backward carefully, checking the map to see how far my pups were.
The adrenaline only a mother has was pumping as I braced myself for the ever (seemingly) impossible eagle attack.
My mate, Silver, was constantly fetching the pup furthest from me: Except for sometimes my "problem puppy"
I'd go get my problem puppy, and the rest would follow- taking us off track, so I had to be quick.
The pups health is declining as I take a route to the shallow part of the river.
I come to the river.
I begin taking them all across: for the first time ever my whole litter survives.
I continue walking: Urging them to speed up as we almost reach the carcass I'd lined up as a check point and health station.
We stay there for a little until everyone has full health again. That's when the bear comes!
I manage to chase him away and drag myself back to the elk before my pups get too far.
After we all eat again, the journey continues.
Slowly, Slowly but surely we make progress toward our goal.
Silver is fetching the wanderers, I keep checking the map.
The eagle strikes. It comes nearer, and nearer. I have to time the attack so I know which pup it's after this time.
It flys low enough. Just in time I get the proper bite, and it leave empty taloned: for now.
We are so close! My family is almost safe.
Three of four pups have made it to the end: but Problem Puppy has abandoned the group: and just my luck, The eagle is after him.
Hoping my three "safe" pups don't follow me, I rush out. This is *my* pup, and no bird brain is going to take him when I'm so close.
I snatch him up, as the eagle circles. Rushing back to the safe point I enter the safe zone as the eagle comes nearer.
I gather my pups close, right next to me:
and finally:
The ending music plays as the eagle cries out in frustration.
All my pups are well, my mate is by my side, I'm alive, and for the first time:

My pack is safe.
Ḍöṇ'ṫ ḅḷїṇḳ.
~~~Ḍöṇ'ṫ ёvёṇ ḅḷїṇḳ.~~~
~Ḃḷїṇḳ ạṇḍ ỵöṳ'ṙё ḍёạḍ.~~
~~~~Ṫḥёỵ ạṙё ḟạṡṭ.~~~~

Ḟạṡṭёṛ ṭḧạṅ ỵöṳ ċạṅ ḅёḷїvё.
~~Ḍöṇ'ṫ ṫṳṙṇ ỵöṳṙ ḅạċḳ.~~
~~~Ḍöṇ'ṫ ḷööḳ ạẅạỵ.~~~
~~~ᾼṅḍ ḍöṇ'ṫ ḅḷїṇḳ.~~~~
~~~~~Ġööḍ ḷụċḳ.~~~~~

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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by Jackalyn » Wed Apr 10, 2013 6:19 pm

My final journeys pretty much stink 100% of the time. I've played through Slough Creek enough times to get the whole pup-raising section down to a science, but I can never get through the last part of the game without losing at least one pup. Usually, its the birds/starvation that kills off my pups, 'cause my mates are always totally useless and do nothing beneficial for their family hehe. I remember the first time I played Slough Creek my only remaining pup died in the journey and I was so frustrated.
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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by friendlyshadows » Fri Apr 12, 2013 6:38 pm

Pebble (me)
Blaze (Mate <3)

Flare (Alive)
Aspen (alive)
Bear (Alive)
Gray (Alive)

Let's jsut say i finished with all pups. Blaze was really helpful he actully did what he was supposed to do. So yea the journey went as planned we made food stops as well. notm uch else to say.

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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by SnowCoveredPaws » Sun Jun 23, 2013 11:10 am

Well, 3 of my pups died, but I still saved one so I'm not that horrible a parent.

Father: I forget, I think it was like John or something
Mother: Cece
Pups (
red = dead green = alive)
Sierra (Eagle)
Selena (Coyote)
Sonya (Drowned)

I can't believe I lost a pup to a coyote. Well, I was like 300 meters away and then all of a sudden my view was obscured by "Your pup, Selena, has died." -_- I had Noah in my mouth the entire time, only putting him down once to feed him. My genius mate dropped Sonya in the creek, and Sierra was just standing under the eagle while my mate was busy drowning Sonya and I had Noah in my jaws and wasn't going to put him down anytime soon in the presence of an eagle, so I just had to watch her die ._.
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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by Eaglesecret » Sun Jun 23, 2013 6:01 pm

I only made the journey properly once, (I did it improperly when I happened to go there with a nomad) because most of my wolves a) are nomads b) are still mateless or c) haven't made it that far. But let me tell you about when I did do it.

Well, I was totally unprepared for Mr. hawk. He got three of my pups (alas, including my favorites). So I grabbed Puppy one (I hadn't named them), and walked (because i didn't know I could run) to the clearing, almost drowning my poor son in the stream because of my stupid mate tempting me into the water - I didn't know he would drown. Well, I finally made it to the clearing. (No thanks to my idiot of a mate.)
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