Your Final Journey

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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by jellybeans300 » Sun Sep 25, 2011 7:06 pm

Moon450 wrote:My final journey(s) all went well. The first time, with Golden, we didn't have much trouble until about halfway there. Then, out of absolutely nowhere, a bear spawns in the middle of the pack :O I saved and quit, and when I came back on, it was gone xD I'm such a cheater. >.> Anyway, the rest of the journey went well, but when I got there, a coyote AND the eagle came, and I was too lazy to run off and chase the coyote and risk my pups getting killed by the eagle, so I saved/reloaded. When I got back on, though, my mate was there (he had gone hunting) and we howled, so I'm like, "yay, the game's over." But now my wolf is glitched so i can't move her, and I can't save, and no matter how many times I reload, it doesn't work. It doesn't matter, though. I'm done with that save file.

The next one went exactly the same way (mostly.) I walked backward the entire time, carrying one of the pups in my mouth the entire time (forgot the names.) After nearly drowning poor Elk (or was that on the first file. . .) we made it <3

On the 3rd File, with Fara the traveler, I "accidentally" (on purpose) drowned three of my pups in the creek so I could travel all around Slough Creek. We're still wandering with our final pup, Amy.

Sorry that this is so long.
Wow nice parent.... actually thats what my friend and i did! :wink:
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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by WOLF.SKUNK » Wed Sep 28, 2011 11:04 am

[my pack] my final journey was awsome! :D it was my first time attempting the final journey and i only seen too predators!! a coyote and a hawk! and the hawk never
wild paws, me. even came down to eat my pups! he just hovered above me and my pack! and when the coyote came along and said, you know, all i want to do is get my fav
forest, my pup. pup sarah to the summer den, so i let the coyote eat my to other pups, and then it was easy :P i just found a shallow crossing in the river and i got there!!
max, my pup. the coolest part was that its like the game was going easy on me because there was only too predators! on the hawk wasn't even being a predator!
sarah, my fav pup. and i thought it would be way harder!

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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by Moss Shadow » Wed Sep 28, 2011 5:49 pm

My final journey was so FRUSTRATING!!!!

So, I started at Saddle Meadows (my fave den site) then I went down to a small clearing just underneath the den site to start the journey. Then, I just followed the food all the way to a shallow area of the river and crossed. But when we got there, I brought one pup over and my mate drowned the other! Also, a pup died of hunger, one was carried off by an eagle and one ALMOST drowned. (I saved it just in time!) Turns out that pup was the only survivor...

I'll get all FOUR next time!!!
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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by Misty_Falls » Fri Sep 30, 2011 11:25 pm

Okay;; Here is my -Most Successful- family.
Me{Mother}: Talia
Father: Storm
Red {Only red one,even though neither of the parents were red.}
Tiny{Born lightest,ended up being the fatest.}

We here at,I belive it's called Bison Peak,the tree den.They were all trained,all healthy,and didn't like to follow me.I was originally just walking backwards,trying to round them up every,oh,five seconds when they scattered.Me mate was helpful,for once,he wasn't an idiot.As soon as were out of the territory,guess who showed up? We all love him! Mr.Eagle! I chased him off almost as soon as he was close enough to the ground,because I was so tired I was paying attention xD. {Don't ask how that works.} And right after he was out of the way,I had a mad chase with a fox,chasing it like 200 Meters from the pups before I could kill it,because I suck at that.I ended up walking backwards again,staying as close to them as I could.When I was close to the river it glitched,saying on was drowning when were weren't on the bank yet.I picked up that pup and bolted,which worked pretty well.Once it was fed I brought it back,and was able to get across without my mate moving them back across the river like it did on my other families.I made it halfway around the river,rounding them up all the time,when I came up with a tactic.I held one of the pups the rest of the journey,and walked backwards facing the others.My mate was keeping them in check,and fed,and we finally made it across the river this way.Once across it I had to chase two coyotes and a bear,before I made it to Little Butte.After we crossed that,with the eagle trailing us,I might add,there was yet another bear,then a coyote.Again.Once we reached the summer point,my pups health were at 27,that was the highest.I got them all in the area,then my mate ran off,of course.He went to the hunting grounds farther away,not the one right over Little Butte.When was back they were all around 5 health,and I had been fight the eagle and coyotes the whole time,I was ready to kill him.He fed them though,and I made it through with all four for the first time!
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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by StarwolfMZ » Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:14 am

Haha, I too got all four pups to live. The hawk I'd say was the most frustrating, and the coyotes too. You see, I had one drown, but I was saving the game all along the way (especially after attacks) and i happened to save it right before the pup drowned. So, i corrected the error that way. At the end i was at the location, but i was like, "omg why isnt it ending!?!" but it turns out then my mate came through the bushes and finally it ended. Pretty cool experience. :P :P
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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by lugiayoshi9 » Mon Oct 03, 2011 5:46 pm

My mate was so awesome for the final journey. All I had to do was carry one pup to a certain spot, then turn around and walk backwards few paces, and he would bring the other pups right over (sometimes he would miss one, though)!
It's been years since I've been on the forums, and I just recently got back into the game.

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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by black_wolf_2010 » Tue Oct 04, 2011 6:38 pm

well my family is this:

Jade (me)
Shasta (mate)

Max: a very confused puppy always getting into trouble, all the time you say "Where's Max?" he is close to a coyote or a wolf strange, but loves to eat and one of the eaters I've ever seen! However LOVE much!

Lily: Almost everyone older than 6 months to 3 uu she commands her brothers she has a lot of patience! Her and very polite, follow me all the time and is lying when I send her stay she is! I love her too much !

Larka: Second oldest of my little pack, when Lily leaves me she leads all puppies, obey me and put half mischievous but very polite I love her very much!

Jack: He is very affectionate, loving and playful little more than he likes to be alone lying on a tree that he loves you very much! not even close to the pups and me but loves walking with his father, but sometimes he runs up to the father! he seems to know it means "Nerd" O_o .. Still I love him too! :D

although my mate is intelligent killed nearly drowned larka T-T
plus my final mission until it was near good things that have occurred with other wolves .... rather not comment on it !!..... nearly killed the bear and the eagle as a lily would kill more jack!but SUPER MOTHER IS HERE! we lived in Saddle had a bear that was not very friendly :( :?
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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by wolfluver86 » Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:08 pm

wolfyattitude wrote:I'm terrible at my Final Journey, here is why:

1: I'm terrified that my pups will get killed.
2. I always afraid of predators.
3. Even when I keep all pups alive, they all die on the journey.
4. My mate is rubbish.
5. Elk always seem to run over my pups.

Here is my story.

I had all four pups, Toboe, Tsume, Kiba Jr, and Hige. (Yes I love wolf's Rain)
And my mate Kiba. Kiba Jr is my favorite pup, so I was with him the whole time, the others waited. I had no game plan, so I just ran carrying my pups. Then an incident between Toboe and an Eagle broke out, so I only had four pups left, then Hige fought with a bear, and Tsume went to help but died also. And Me, Kiba and Kiba Jr made it to the summer den. I think it's funny that they all died in the same order as the real Wolf's Rain characters.
They died in the same order as the real Wolf's Rain character's did?
One thing to say about that: O.O

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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by Maple_fromTheBeyond » Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:25 pm

WOW! I fianally finished the journey with all 4 pups!
I also recently finished with Frost's two pups

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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by thelostwolf12345 » Tue Nov 15, 2011 1:24 pm

i have one it started with my wolf scruff and lynder here are there names
scruff the dad
lynder the mom
lilly pure white pup
leo gray color pup
ammy:pure white (and from he game okami!)
rex i think he was a black pup

i pressed the H button to howl and the jorney started but then the eagle of doom came by and tryed to snatch up rex but i ran at the bird and it flew off i checked rex up seeing he was ok i picked him up and put him with the rest of the pups and went on walking

suddenly i needed the toilet and ran up stairs leavein the game not on pause so when i came down there was a eagle that snatched up poor little lilly

then we came to the river seeing im a idiot at points i crossed the river with leo im my mouth and he drowned

then a bear killed ammy

i was in the forest with rex im my mouth then i saw a bear so i put rex down and whent into the FINAL BATTLE i was gonna kill the bear and get my revnge for the bear that killed ammy

guess what?. . .I WON the bear ran off into the forest never to be heard again

i got the the star it would of been a happy ending if the puppy did not float into the air that made me laugh my head off

i named that bear dark scar because i would know if i saw him again and i started a new game and named my four other pups rex max zoe and cloe

YES I KNOW them names are from dinosaur king but not cloe

now a word from my own comedy. . . thing

gold horn: wheres snow?

blacko:dont know mabye out with ace again

snow:IM BACK!

goldhorn:where where you?

ace:oh just talking about our dreams

gold horn: 0_0

blacko:your . . .dreams? 0_0

snow: *hits ace* you little idiot i told you not to say that!

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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by alexterri2 » Tue May 29, 2012 12:30 pm

here is the one i did last night
toklo stud with tanish fur
kallik pritty she wolf with white and gray fur
grean for alive red for dead
aputalbino she pup
fochikdark brown
kissimi dark brown ( killed by a eagle )
tobi dark brown ( drowned )
ok so when it started the eagle showed up and a bear ...... me and kallik got the pups going and eavreything was normal but the eagle would not stop kallik went toget food 3 times and i briought the pups over and tobi drowned then kallik came back and we crossed the sand bar then we ketp on going then a bear showed up and i delt with it then when we got there kallik went to get food and then a eagle came and killed kissimi kallik came back and then SUCSEES
i was happy then we never found any cyotes along the way
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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by AriaBlue » Tue May 29, 2012 4:08 pm

I have made the journey twice so far. The first time with my wolf Aria didn't go so well: mainly because her mate drowned two of the pups halfway there -_-" It was really annoying because I had chased off an eagle and a coyote and thought 'Hey, I might get all four pups to safety on my first go', but no. My own mate kills two of them and I can do nothing about it.

I did the journey again with my other character Likos and got all pups to safety. It seems that I found one of the really good mates who hunt quickly, chase off predators and not to mention.. Do not drown their own pups :evil: But I'm glad I did it in my second go anyway
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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by [Frost] » Tue Jun 19, 2012 6:59 pm

I usually cheat on the final journey and save often. If one of my pups dies or I manage to stumble into another wolf territory, I leave the game without saving and then return to where I had last saved (usually not too far back). I'm too wimpy to see one of my pups die, but I am planning to play the game correctly the next time I start a new game.

But anyway, on one such game where I was saving often (and actually the first new game I had played in quite a while), I made it all the way to the rendezvous site and was waiting for the final howl animation. When it finally came, BAM! The hawk/eagle thing swooped down and scooped up one of my pups, and I couldn't even move to save it! I was so mad that I exited and returned to the last time I had saved.
I know, I know, I really ought to play it right and accept it if my pup(s) die; and I will. Which will result in me crying.
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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by Slandar » Sat Jun 30, 2012 10:28 pm

I kill my puppies. :twisted:
Dont harrass me! I would not do that in real life! :mrgreen:
Okay, anyways, I do a silly glitch while I carry one pup the whole way. I run directly into the territory from Bison Peak and poof at the sandbar of the river. I just ran the rest of the way, but my mate wouldn't follow (she's dumb) so I howled many times. I had dropped the puppy, and the eagle came down. I picked up the puppy and ran right at the eagle, and the eagle took the pup from my mouth. I felt like a genius.
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Re: Your Final Journey

Post by firawolf » Sun Jul 01, 2012 7:05 am

ugh the final jorney was a pain in the butt when i first played i only made it with one pup cause the other drowned or were taken by hawk
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