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What's your mate's 'IQ' out of ten?

10 (Best)
1-3 (Worst)
Total votes: 638

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.::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by Fr0stDog » Sat Jan 23, 2010 4:42 am

What is your mate like in Wolf Quest: Survival of the Pack?

Rate on a scale of 1 to 10 of how your mate is with the puppies.

Mine always seems to run off into an elk area, and when I go to see he's just running on the spot. I stay and look after the pups, but as soon as my hunger or their hunger starts to get low, he comes running back so I can go hunt and explore ^_^

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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by Kouga » Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:17 am

Strangely enough there's some big difference between my mate on this laptop and my mate on the much stronger gaming pc....
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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by Mooncloud » Sat Jan 23, 2010 9:10 am

I would give one of mine a seven. He hunts, and feeds the pups, but sometimes he keeps walking at the den with a pup in his mouth, and he took the pup my wolf was trying to protect right out of her mouth! He's good with some things, but when it comes to protecting pups... no.
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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by Koko7 » Sat Jan 23, 2010 9:38 am

My mate was very, very, very stupid. There were times when he'd come and feed the pups. Though he only defended them once or twice. (That was always my job, apparently.) He also seemed to like to 'kidnap' the pups. He'd just pick one up and take off, then leave it somewhere! Most of the time he makes raising pups even harder than it already is!

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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by wolflover91295 » Sat Jan 23, 2010 9:58 am

my mate is between 4-6 he knows what to do at times but hes not always there but some of my mates are better than others
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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by wq47 HawkTail » Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:12 am

Most of the time, my mate is very good. He helps feed the pups. he also takes them back to the den when they have strayed to far, most of the time. He never defends against coyotes or bears though. When we had to go to the rendezvous site, he was a real pain. He did not take pups to the site, and he would drop them off at the Sand Bar Crossing when ever i left one at the rendezvous site. He even stopped in the middle of the creek with a pup in his mouth, who ended up drowning. (i'll miss ya Onyx). Eventually, i stopped his crazy behaviour by howling and quickly picking up the pups when they stopped howling :D I finished the game today(i started that game about two days ago). The parents were :

Me(F)- Ebony
Mate(M)- Ivory
Pups- Opal and Obsidian(survivors)
Onyx and Pearl( passed away)

Pearl passed away, cuz i was carrying Opal to the rendezvous site when my mate forgot to feed her. Onyx passed away by my mate drowning him. :roll:

Even though Ivory was a real pain in the neck, i loved him a lot. He was an absolute angel 90 percent of the time. Even though he killed two pups and ruined my chances of completing the game with all four,I still enjoyed his company and help to the pack. I rated him as a 7-9.
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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by Nor-easter Forecast » Sat Jan 23, 2010 11:39 am

I have tons of games, but for my main ones:
  • Arod;

Arod can be rated at a 4/10. All they did was run off to the hunting grounds and whenever I howled come running back, put a pup by the den and go back to the hunting grounds. Although I must admit Arod was helpful on the journey and didn't drown a single pup; although I did. I forgot I had a pup in my mouth when I was running to save one of my others from the eagle. When a swam across the creek I drowned him. But then reloaded from my last save and had the drowned pup again.

  • Fangorn;

7/10. He feeds my pups really well and helps with hunting. However, if there is a coyote or bear near-by he picks up a pup and stands there; letting all the others get killed. I haven't gotten to the journey yet with him.

  • SunSong;

SunSong is a dreadful parent. I would rate him 1/10. He scared off one coyote and helped me kill one elk. That's it. Because of him letting the eagle and a coyote have a pup each I only made it out of my territory with two pups when I started the journey with four. After that he decided to let the eagle at my poor HareSong. Only my fav pup, whom I refused to drop the entire way, lived.

  • Odcien;

3/10. He was very nice about carrying the pups, but he let one starve and drowned the other. He has an interesting way of drowning the pups; find a shallow spot and drop them in it, then stand there while the pup floats down into a deep place. As it starts drowning he will pick it up and get out of the water with a near dead pup before going to the shallow place and holding it until he sits and then sticks the poor pup face-first into the water.
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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by Sillything16 » Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:30 pm

9 1/2, he hunts alot but when ever he hunts a carcass pops up by the den or (on the mission) two feet from me.
on the journey he did not carr y the pups but when i was carrying one a few feet farther ahead he would guard the others (how smart!) he also chased away predators.

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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by Wildwish » Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:41 pm

Once my mate was extremely helpful.He would feed the pups and everything,so all I had to do was stand and protect the den.Then he became "less smart" :(
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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by moonshinewolf » Sat Jan 23, 2010 11:48 pm

Dead XP

(Male) Storm - 10/10
Storm is a hero umongst idiot mates. He doesn't really do much. (which helps alot, lol). If my pup wanders off he will bring it back. He never leaves the den when I'm gone and if there are predetors he just sit by the den. He only goes hunting when my pups health is at like 27 and lower. ('Cause if it's any higher he won't feed it). The only glitch he (ocassionaly) has is when he's brings a pup to the den, and the pup constantly flickers back and forth from being on the ground and being in his mouth. :roll: I havent done the summer den mission with this one, cuz I'm gonna wait for WolfQuest 3. (Hopefully :wink: )
He is definetly my favorite. :mrgreen:

The Elements Pack

(Male) Breeze - 3/10
If you could kill your mates permanently, I'd be a single parent. :twisted:
If there is a coyote he will pick up the pup and run around the den for five min. (Or untill I kill the coyote, whichever comes first). When we were on the revendous den mission (or however it's spelled). He picked up a pup and he pup-napped it all the way to the hunting grounds, then he left it there. She was my favorite pup (her name is Flight) so after my mate came back, I ran to her leaving my muderous mate with the other three (stupid move btw), only to come just in time to see Flight being carried away by the eagle. Then AGAIN coming back to see two coyotes and a bob attacking what was left of my pack. It was a sad sad day.

The Swift Winds Pack

[(Female) Birch - 0/10
She would go hunting (only for herself), but as soon as danger came she would run off in the other direction. -_-
If I was out marking territory and I saw a bear I would try to bite it three times, but Birch would 'come to my rescue' and push me away just as I was about to bite the bear. Oh but the bear was able to hit me. So now my health is low enough to where if get hit, even by a coyote I was gonna die. That darn bob got a pup that day. :evil:
When we were by the creek on the revendous mission, I would carry a pup over and then she would walk with me, leaving the rest of my pups in danger. Then I got two over and I was heading for the third one, as I picked it up she ran to the other side of the creek and brought a pup towards me. I was already half way across the creek, so she put the pup in the water. -_- Once I had the other pups on the other side I went to get the last one (who was still in the middle of the creek). I picked him up and Birch walked towards me, and kept pushing me downstream. I eventually got into a deep part, so I drowned my pup. (GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!)

The Forest Tree's Pack
Chestnut (Yay my favorite).


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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by xXBlazeXx » Sun Jan 24, 2010 1:50 pm

my wolfs mate called Raven is very helpful, he goes of to hunt and when he comes back he feeds the hungriest pups, and helps me ckill coyotes, and carry the pups to the den, im surprised at the vote scores for best, not many people have smart mates....guess im lucky! :D

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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by horsesflyifly » Sun Jan 24, 2010 3:59 pm

i'd rate all of my mates as a 4, they tend to be very glitchy but can be helpful at times, althoughh they do tend to run off to the hunting grounds, come baack, feed one pup then wander round in circles/
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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by lizf08 » Sun Jan 24, 2010 4:41 pm

Here is my stupid mate journal. It is not a real journal just something i made for this.
Alive dead
(Male) Foxtalon (Again not copying the username.) 000(zero hundred)/10
Fox is as stupid as a father can get. He killed two of my pups from drowning and never fed the other two. I saved and reloaded before he drowned them and i howled before he got into the river then i saved the other one from drowning. He then dropped one in front of a bear and walked away as if nothing happened. The pup he killed was my fave, Icefursh. THEN He got one and brought the others to the den and let them all get killed by the eagle but i saved my new fave Icebrush. :cry: :evil:


I forgot the dead pup names. The only ones name i remember is Icefursh.
(Female) Icestorm 3/10
Ice saved one pup from the eagle and fed them but when it came to protecting them from the other eagle(s), bears, and coyotes, it was like they were Fairys, Unicorns, and Winged horses. She acted like they wouldn't harm them and it ended up in this litter ending in total ruins. I am going to wait for the upload, coming out tomorrow hopefully, and then restart this litter. When it does come out my mate might actually help protect the pups from the evil predators not the nice Fantasy animals! :x

All are dead. I am waiting for the upload as said above.
(Male) Snowfur 4/10
Snow would help with most of the pups but when it came to Snowpup its like he wanted her to die first. He would run and get food and feed all but Snowpup, He will kill the coyotes going for all but Snowpup he will get all but Snowpup from bears so i have to take care of all of them when Snow is gone looking for trouble and when he not taking care of the pups. Snowpup ended up to be the only one who nearly drowned , its like my mate wants the other three to live and i am the only one taking care of Snowpup!


(Female) Jenna 9/10
Jenna will feed the pups, she even whacked a bear with Aleu once! I think that if she hadn't done the Pup-Whacka-Predator it would have been 10/10 cause she has fed them brought them back to the den, and even played Whacka-Bear with my pup. There for i give her the 'Best or Second best mate EVER!' Crown lol ^.^ SO far all have survived and i am on the Feed your Pups mission, near the Journey.


Thats all my mates that have pups, the others either had all die or they have no den yet.
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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by jules » Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:11 pm

my mates i.q. is NOT very strong she barley helps just once with bob, but i love her attack mode, but her howl ANNOYING!!!!!!I love you Star Dust thank you for being my mate :D :mrgreen:

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Re: .::: Mate 'IQ' :::.

Post by SophieWolff » Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:18 pm

my mate is VERY smart. he picks up my puppies and brings them close to the den AND he feeds them. thats why all your mates go to the hunting grounds. he or she brings back food for the pups and feeds them. (at least mine does) im getting sick and tired of people saying their mate isn't smart, yes they are.
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