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Post by GoldenBeauty » Mon Mar 09, 2020 12:10 pm

Lately Wolfquest AE has been unstable for me. When I go to save a game Wolfquest decides to crash and send me back to my computer screen. Thankfully though, when I log back in, the file is saved regardless. I've received "fatal errors" from Windows and WQ telling me to report the bug.

And TODAY.. was the WORST.. I saved my game, it crashed, and when I logged back in the game was incredibly slow. 2 FPS on beautiful, and I was unable to change the graphics level because it took 2-3 minutes to even light up a button. I deleted some disk space, but WQ was still acting up. I need some help, because WQ can't detect a crash error and restart the game to the lowest graphic setting.

The game is slightly faster but STILL runs at 2 FPS on fastest! Please help! I could run fantastic at almost 30 FPS, but now I can't even go over 2 FPS in the lowest setting :'(

Latest update fixed the issue, now it's running better than ever before!

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