Downloaded WQ3 on Mac, having issues

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Downloaded WQ3 on Mac, having issues

Post by Razzey » Tue Feb 18, 2020 2:55 pm

So idk if it’s my inexperience with computers but I downloaded steam the other day and bought WQ3. I own a Mac. The first few times I trie do owning it it said there was an error with steam, but after restarting the computer it finally worked. It was great! But I noticed in the game when I first spawned in my wolf was floating, and then when I tried to move it fell and began sliding down the slope.

Fragments of words on the stats bar, and on the quests/tips/prey/predator tabs that popped up we’re just gone. Bear looked like "B ar"
Or my wolfs name Razzey was "R ze "
When I turned on scent view, the screen was super bright and I could hardly see the terrain or the scent markers.

Then when I took a break from the game and came back to it, I got a black screen when it loaded so I had to shut down my computer. I’m thinking deleting steam and the game then trying to redownload it might help, but idk. Thoughts, opinions, help?
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This is what it did before the screen went entirely black.

This is the missing letters issue

This is scent view.

My knowledge on pc/steam/etc is very limited and I would really appreciate help ^^
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