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Posted: Thu May 21, 2020 9:23 pm
by TimberRaven
I seriously couldn't find a topic on Minecraft! (at least, the search feature couldn't find any, haha)
So, here, finally, is a topic on Minecraft. Post here what you wish, whether it be tips on redstone engineering, glitches you've found, or weird easter eggs (for instance --strike a creeper with lightning. Or tag a bunny as "Toast". Or tag a mob "Dinnerbone"). Or maybe some pictures of the awesome things you've built!
And for those who don't know, What is Minecraft?:
Here is the answer to that question! --
Minecraft is a 3D open-world game made up of enlarged pixels and blocks. It can be single-player, or you can play on a public or private server with other players. It has no built-in tutorial, which means you're gonna have to teach yourself to build a shelter, make torches, make weapons, kill and cook stuff, mine, try not to die.... Unless you choose Creative Mode, which, unlike Hardcore Mode and Survival Mode, enables free flying, unlimited access to most game blocks, and immortality. Creative Mode is meant for building things, experimenting, and just goofing around without worrying about hunger, health and things trying to kill you for no reason.
Hardcore Mode is like Survival Mode, just the only difference is that, if you die, it's game-over.
Spectator Mode also enables you to fly, but, unlike Creative Mode, you cannot land. Why? Because you are a translucent floating head, and to other players, you are completely invisible. You can fly through the ground, and you can go into the Void without dying (although the "player-getting-hurt" sound effects will still play until you get out of the Void). You can also look through the eyes of other mobs without controlling them. And, yes, this DOES include players! (though it can get a little glitchy at times)
There are also three different maps --the Overworld, which is what you start out in, and has the grass and sheep and cows and zombies. But then there's also the Nether --which is an even more dangerous map consisting of strange mobs, strange blocks, and rare alchemy ingredients, such as a Ghast Tear or a Gold Nugget. Then the third map --the End. This is an informal way to "beat" the game, although you can go back to the Overworld and then do whatever. The End is filled with Endermen, and a famous Ender Dragon. And, if you play the latest versions of the game, the End also has biomes, although they're really weird and easy to die in. The End is also, if you play Survival Mode, the only way to acquire the Elytra (unless you use cheats, which isn't very hard).
Minecraft is also available on a large range of different platforms. You can get it on your Android, your Xbox, your Mac... the list just goes on and on! However, and unfortunately, you can only play on servers consisting of players on similar devices, such as a desktop, and a laptop. A person on their Playstation cannot play with a friend who's on their iPhone.
You can also play with mods, but if you want to start or join a server, you need to have the same mods as the host OR the people joining your server must have the same mods as you, or the game will be unavailable to them. I don't play with mods, since I once downloaded a fake version of Forge that had spyware attached to it, and it was wrecking the computer. But, for you nosy folks, I had the VoidCraft mod, Twilight Forest mod, and... maybe another one, though I forget what. Play with mods, bundles, packages and texture packs at your own risk!
There are also some other games based off of Minecraft, such as Dungeon Edition, and Minecraft Telltale Games. Basically, you play as a character in an actual story based off of the game, with the same mobs and stuff. They're...... not my cup of tea, but still cool. I was watching my mom play the Telltale Games thing on Steam and it got kind of weird, haha.
I also do not play with any texture packs, bundles, packages, or mods. I find texture packs to be kind of annoying and confusing, the packages always glitch, and the mods nearly destroyed the computer. :D ehhh
And this website lets you create, edit, upload, and download Minecraft skins for both your Steve/Alex that you made, and that other people made!
(I play as Rayla from the Dragon Prince XD)
Let the General Minecraft Discussion commence!

Re: Minecraft

Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2020 2:45 pm
by 8900
Goodness! Four months without a reply to a Minecraft-themed topic? I never thought such a corner of the internet could exist.

I don't play Minecraft very often, partly because it's just too time-intensive for me right now. I do jump on every month or so when I have a backlog of The Spawn Chunks podcast episodes to listen to. :) What do you normally do when you play? I've got a singleplayer survival world I'm developing bit by bit.

Re: Minecraft

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2020 5:34 am
by BlackMetal
I play Minecraft not every day, but very often. I like it to use texture packs which look real or like a cartoon.