A Hat in Time

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A Hat in Time

Post by IceaPlayzPC » Sat Mar 14, 2020 11:10 pm

Idk if someone made a thread for this but here we go.

I stumbled upon this game a couple years ago, seeing some videos from time to time but i played it for the first time last october with my friend and i proceeded to buy it two weeks later and i finished it by christmas. Here's what the game is about before i go on a tirade about this game:

Basically you play as a kid who is traveling through space trying to get home, but she ends up losing her ship's fuel which are special hourglasses called time pieces. From then on you have to re-collect these time pieces so you can get home. Its a 3D platformer so you jump around and also fight some bosses to get the time pieces you need back. The devs dub it a "cute-as-heck" platformer game so there's that xD

What i thought about this game? I think it's one of the best games i've ever played. If anyone knows young me, i had a pretty big kirby obsession back in the day and i was convinced nothing would surpass Kirby, except A Hat in Time did just that. Not only was it right up my alley, cute visuals, platforming, with a little sprinkle of darkness and lore, but it actually felt like a kirby game of sorts to me, especially since there's hidden things you can unlock that tells some backstory of specific characters or even entire areas (i wont get into detail cuz i am nothing like my old self where i explain everything and thus spoil the game). The characters are incredibly adorable, lovable, and they have a ton of personality as well. The areas you play through are absolutely beautiful and even vast. One minute you'll be on an island town and the next you're in a movie studio.

Don't get me started on the music, too. The music in this game is phenomenal. It doesn't matter where the music plays, whether it be while you're exploring and doing whatever you need to do to get the next time piece or if you're fighting a boss, the music is just a delight to listen to. I spent about eight hours listening to one specific soundtrack once (with breaks) which goes to show that i love the music a lot.

With my little spiel out of the way, have you played this game? If so, what was your favourite part or memory of the game? What was your first impression? If you're going into late game detail don't forget to put it in a spoiler tag cuz i wouldn't want those who haven't played to get spoiled xD

I'll share my first impression of the game underneath a spoiler since i'm going into detail about a level thats in around the middle of the game:

When i first played the game back in october, i was actually not too interested in playing at first. My best friend had brought his nintendo switch over to the place we were hanging out at and i had my own nintendo switch with me as well. He repatedly asked me if i wanted to play but i said i would think about it and i kinda only said yes after i got bored of both splatoon 2 and super smash bros. After i was bored i decided to try the game out (for context, my reluctance was because i for some reason feel really shy about trying a new game especially with other people).

The first place we played was chapter three, Subcon Forest. More specifically the most infamous level in the game: Queen Vanessa's Manor. More context, this level was actually the first part of the game i ever saw, so when i first knew about the game i thought it was a horror game. You see where this is going?

Anyway, we were in a more general area of the chapter before my friend took me to this icy looking level, sarcastically saying "im gonna take you to a spooky level." I thought he was joking and didn't believe him... until i saw the manor itself and i realized that we were doing that scary level i saw on youtube that made me think the game was a horror game.

Safe to say, hilarity ensued. In this level you have to avoid a shadowy demon named Queen Vanessa who is trying to kill you for entering her house. Whats nice is there is actually a skip in this level that just skips the scary part, but i did not know this back then and my friend did not tell me about it (probably because he wanted to see my reaction), so we had to go through the whole manor with this crazy demon lurking in the halls and looking for us when we made a noise. First round through, Vanessa caught the both of us and we both died (by getting frozen solid). The second round through... that was something. On the second round, my friend ended up getting caught but i got away... which left the problem of me being all alone and not knowing how to play the game. My friend had to tell me what to do while i was terrified the entire time. Luckily i didn't get caught again but man that was probably the scariest "first time playing" moment i've ever had xD

I laugh at this story now cuz its funny. Whats sad tho is that this level actually still scares me. Nothing is appealing about hiding in a room while some scary shadow demon is trying to lure you out by saying she has cookies and tea. Pure nightmares.

Alrighty i better end this post its getting really long... lol.
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Re: A Hat in Time

Post by The Tourist » Wed May 20, 2020 12:37 am

Oh man, I love Hatty Time so much. The soundtrack, atmosphere and just everything about it! I was never really very interested in 3D platforming games but this one was an exception.

My favorite part would have to be
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If you haven't played this game, don't think, just get it. It's worth it for the soundtrack alone. This game easily makes it into my top 5 favorites.

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