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Persona Series

Post by Kereudio » Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:54 am

Persona, also known as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, is a video game franchise developed and primarily published by Atlus. Focusing around a series of role-playing video games, Persona is a spin-off from Atlus' Megami Tensei franchise, and was originally based on the high school setting of Shin Megami Tensei If.... The first entry in the series, Revelations: Persona, was released in 1996. There have since been five further main titles, with the most recent, Persona 5, being released in 2016. Numerous spin-offs have also been developed. The series takes its title from beings summoned by characters in battle, manifesting from their personality.
Anyway I didn't see a Persona or Shin Megami Tensei thread so here you go. My best friend actually got me into this series by her constant non stop fangirling over Persona 5, and I played it and 2 weeks of almost straight playing later I definitely realized why. I haven't played any of the other games cause I don't own the consoles, but Persona 5 is in my eyes one of the best rpg's I've played, it definitely deserves it's top RPG of 2017 title, and even though it's the fifth installment it's a great intro to the series and doesn't require prior knowledge of the series to play.

The gameplay was great, I didn't feel it was too repetitive and it did definitely require a bit of thinking, especially in the harder difficulties. Though I'm mostly and entirely here for the story. Right from the start it hit some pretty heavy themes, and the idea of being able to 'change' a person's heart to get them to confess to their horrible crimes I'd say is definitely one quite a few people can relate to wanting to be able to do. It also hits on the fact that Japan has a 98.9% conviction rate for all crimes, which we see unfairly targeting the protagonist, our character, and almost ruining his livelihood due to his probation. It's just, it's great, and everyone with a ps3 or 4 should go pick it up.

I also refuse to acknowledge that the protag's canon name is Ren Amamiya and not Akira Kurusu.
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