Empires of the Undergrowth - a fantasy realism ant sim

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Empires of the Undergrowth - a fantasy realism ant sim

Post by Selvin novaraptor » Fri Dec 29, 2017 5:27 am

This game is developed by Slug Disco and is available as early access in Steam and Itch. io.

In the game by far, you'll take control of a captive colony of imaginary species of ant called Formica ereptor. Which is capable of stealing genes of other ant with various ablities and producing polymorphic soldiers. Whilst following stories of other ants such as Formica fusca black ant and Formica rufa wood ant by side missions that you can play to earn food, territory, and DNA point(Royal Jelly). And just a note - don't be surprised to meet a variety of creatures and ants with various ablities during these missions.
Royal Jelly can be used to unlock new ants, upgrades, or special abilities. Which is badly needed to survive the challenges that the antkeeper aka scientists throw to your colony.

Here are the creatures list with their ablities.


Formica ereptor - Gene Stealer Ant

Able to steal genes of other ants and produce polymorphic soldiers.

Formica fusca - Black Ant

Able to produce strong soldiers that does high melee damage.

Formica rufa - Wood Ant

Able to spawn acid shooting soldiers that sprays deadly formic acid.


Formica sanguniea - Slave Maker Ant

These quick footed robbers steal other Formica brood to raise as their own.


These defenseless wevil larvae will make an excellent food for hungry carnivores.


Although armored. This herbivore's only defense is staying close to the ground.

Funnel Web Spider

This deadly lady armed with sensitive hairs will lurk in her funnel like webs. Any creature that gets too close will be snatched away in a blink of an eye.

Ladybird Beetle

This beetle knows exactly where aphids love to graze. It will always tempting to snatch aphids from untended aphid farms.

Devil's Coach Horse Beetle
This beetle is voracious carnivore both as larvae and adult. Whilst the larvae will only bite. The adult has foul smelling secretion which disorientize attacking ants.

Beach Wolf Spider

This fast spider will actively and quickly chase its prey and deliver deadly venom with its bite. Any ant that's bitten will eventually die.

Hermit Crab

Usually hermit crabs don't interact with ants. But in this particular lands. They have developed a weird habit of feasting on ant flesh. When attacked. It will hide into its shell. Yes. It carries seashells with its bodies to defend their vulnerable hind.

Beach Tiger Beetle
As the top predator of the beach ecosystem. This deadly beetle prowls around daytime of its lands on its fast feet in search for prey items. You'll need a huge army to take one down. Since they're fast, strong and hard to take down.

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