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Shadow of the Colossus

Posted: Mon Dec 11, 2017 9:32 pm
by JaySilver
Of all the games I've ever played Shadow of the Colossus is by far my all time favorite and the only other games that have ever come close to beating it were God Hand and Final Fantasy VII. Unlike most games that use the familiar gaming formula of dungeons, defeating various enemies, collecting items, etc Shadow of the Colossus doesn't have any of that BUT, what it does have are some super incredible fights against 16 beings known as Colossi, each having a unique way of being defeated by you (Wander). My first time playing this game I was completely blown away by just the environmental graphics but, my mind basically exploded when I got to fight the actual Colossi which are literally larger than life, and well to them you or Wander, is about the size of like a pathetic, little, dust bunny... Yet somehow as small as you are, or as Wander is, you end up finding a way to successfully bringing down these giant monoliths. Out of all 16 Colossi my top two favorites are Colossus numbers 9 and 13, Basaran and Phalanx, a neat little fact for ya is that Phalanx is the biggest Colossus in the game! Though there are some issues with the clunky-ish controls and just, whacked out camera, accompanied by the occasional, ridiculous glitches, SotC is a game I can play over and over and never get tired of because there's so much to explore aside from just beating the bosses. Anyways I feel like this is becoming too big a post (maybe?) so uh yeah, what do you all think of Shadow of the Colossus? Have you ever played it? If you haven't do you think you'll get it sometime to give it a go? I'm eager to see all your reactions ^-^ So yup, Jay out!

(ಠ◡ಠ)/ If you wanna see more of what I think about this amazing game take a look at my more detailed post about it @

Re: Shadow of the Colossus

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2019 1:02 am
by x1103
This was the first video game I bought for myself. The disc actually got stuck into my brother's PS2 and I panicked and thought the console could not be saved so I should at least rescue the game, so... I SMASHED IT WITH A HAMMER. The console. And the game disc too unfortunately. I had played the game to the point where you journey to the last boss and never finished it because of the hammering. My brother was furious too ofc. :lol:

When I found out that Shadow Of the Colossus was remade for PS4 too which I have myself today, I got very excited and bought it and got to finally finish the game.

It is so beautiful experience and simply the size of the Colossi is quite humbling. The last boss was truly scary for me! I went omg omg omg through the whole battle which is how boss fights should always be like in my opinion.

I don't think Shadow Of the Colossus really needs the stuff other games have. It does just fine without all that because the style is so different and the entertainment of the game lies elsewhere...