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by [ smokeydove ]
Mon Nov 16, 2015 6:07 am
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Topic: Newbie-Teacher Program ~ Accepting Apps for Newbies ONLY
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Re: Newbie-Teacher Program ~ Accepting Apps for Newbies ONLY

Username: [ smokeydove ] Type of Teacher Wanted (Forum-Only, Game-Only or Both): Forum-only Activity Level (1 being inactive, 10 being super active): About a 7 Will you be committed?: I will try c: Did anyone refer you here?: Nope! Other (anything you'd like your teacher to know): Sup. 8) And I kno...
by [ smokeydove ]
Sun Nov 15, 2015 7:59 pm
Forum: General WolfQuest Discussion
Topic: WolfQuest Roleplay Thread
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Re: WolfQuest Roleplay Thread

A black wolf approached Sparta, her wide brown eyes getting bigger with a burning curiosity. The loner hadn't been here before. Might as well check stuff out.

"Hi," she mumbled to him. Donner hoped she didn't startle the anti-social canid. "Who are you?"

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