WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition


WolfQuest is wildlife simulation game about wolf ecology. You begin as a two-year-old gray wolf born in Yellowstone National Park. You learned the ways of the wolf in your birth pack and now it's time for you to establish a pack of your own. Your success will depend on your ability to hunt, ensure the survival of your pups. Play the game alone or with friends online.

  • Explore the beautiful Northern Range of Yellowstone National Park
  • Hunt formidable elk, mule deer, and other prey
  • Battle competitor wolves, bears, and cougars
  • Find and win over a mate, using wolf communication
  • Choose a den, establish territory, and defend it from neighboring wolf packs
  • Raise a litter of pups: socializing, feeding, and keeping them safe from predators
  • Take your family pack on a perilous cross-country journey to a new summer home
  • In multiplayer games, join together as a pack to explore the wilderness, hunt elk, fight off the competition, raise pups, and safely travel to the rendezvous site.


Ten years…


Early Access

  • Mac and Windows computers

Note: The game does not run on ChromeBooks.


  • PC/Mac: $19.99

FREE UPDATE! WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition is available as free download to owners of the current game WolfQuest 2.7

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